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T.E.A. Language Solutions

What can T.E.A. do for you?

Technology and Event Planning

Help you make the right technology and logistical decisions for your virtual event. Let us help you plan for great audio, video, and most importantly, hitch-free interpretation.

Live Tech Support and Live Streaming

Provide real-time tech support for your Zoom or Webex event with simultaneous interpretation.

Ask us about live streaming your event to social media!


Train you and your interpreter team to use the Zoom or Webex simultaneous interpretation features and execute flawless virtual partner handoffs and relay interpreting.

Remote for all

Whether for conference, court, business, or school and community meetings - we can make remote interpretation work for you!

Meet the T.E.A.m

Professionals behind Every Project

Tamber Hilton

Washington, D.C.

Ernest Niño-Murcia

Des Moines, Iowa

Aimee Benavides

Fresno, California

What people are saying about the T.E.A.m

"I recently interpreted for an international conference on the ZOOM platform that required 6+languages and extensive relay interpreting.

A big thank you to Tamber and Ernest for coordinating and tech-training all interpreters, thereby ensuring a snag-free experience for all participants, both speakers and listeners alike. Their state-of-the-art technical know-how is truly impressive. I highly recommend them."
Lily Olm
French conference interpreter, Washington, D.C.
"Aimee, Tamber and Ernest,

I cannot thank you enough for yesterday's presentation. Your willingness to train us up through the dinner hour represents the best the T & I community has to offer. I've been frustrated that most of the remote interpreting trainings I've attended are inevitably geared towards conference interpreters. All of your trainings have been spot-on for us court interpreters, as they convey exactly the right message at exactly the right time. And your enthusiasm is contagious. Yesterday I felt like a kid at a candy store!"
Dan DeCoursey
Federal Court Staff Interpreter
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