Simultaneous Interpretation Now Available in Webex

Hot off the presses: Simultaneous Interpretation in Webex

As most people who follow the RSI space are aware, Webex has been promising a simultaneous interpretation solution since the beginning of the pandemic. They’ve rolled out some solutions on the way, such as Webex Legislate, that were only available to certain customers-but the real game changer was the promise of getting the function at the Meet (basic paid account) level. Well folks, here at T.E.A. we can confirm that it is available.

Here are some basic details:

1. It is available on a basic paid account, so it is extremely affordable.

2. Teaming interpreters can hear each other and have a great deal of control of their handoffs. There is a tool for handing off that functions as a tap on the shoulder to the other interpreter, but doesn’t force the interpreters to only be on one at a time as other RSI platforms do. The flip side is of that freedom is that it is still possible to have two interpreters on mic in the channel at the same time, meaning interpreters will have to be careful about microphone control, similar to Zoom. 


3. IT HAS RELAY. This is a HUGE game changer. As everyone knows, the inability of interpreters to hear each other in Zoom means that interpreters have had to use all kinds of workarounds to be able to take relay from other language booths on the meeting. Webex allows interpreters to choose their listening channel, as you see here.

There are some drawbacks that for some users will be dealbreakers, such as the fact that currently Webex does not allow users to activate both breakout rooms and interpretation for the same meeting. However, overall, we can confirm that the feature is functional and looks relatively robust compared to Zoom.

If you are interested in a demo, or training on this feature, please feel free to contact us! We are very excited about this new player in the RSI market: another affordable solution similar to Zoom, that puts technology directly in the hands of everyday users – but with the robust relay and teaming functionality that up until now has only been available with high-cost, purpose-built RSI platforms.

Simultaneous Interpretation Now Available in Webex
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